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Advertisers try to influence all of us into buying their products. It is important to learn about the techniques they use to make to influences our decisions. Advertisers targets young people because they are more sensitive than adults about what they wear and use. if they see their friends using or wearing a products they might be more interested in getting it. Some teens watch more T.V and use the computer a lot which will open them up to more adveristing.

“Design is Thinking made Visual” Thinking is cognition, Cognition can inform design

  • Memory : What do people remember?
  • Attention : Design to get Attention
  • Planning : How will you achieve your goal?
  • Problem Solving : What do you need to achieve?

  • Design is Bringing ideas to life.

  • Thinking - IDEA
  • Planing - CONCEPT
  • Developing – DESIGN

  • A-Design is offering a suite of communication services such as advertising, Print & Production one roof